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Where to find a list of subsidized apartments in my town?

The county housing agency only lists public housing, not the subsidized/income based ones.   The public housing is all in bad areas with no jobs near them.



Going to the public housing means LOSING MY JOB and seeking even MORE assistance.

Update 2:

And the areas that have the public housing in my area are NOT "larger cities"...  They are run down slum towns in the middle of farming areas that are riddled with crime and drug activity.   The one town in particular is nicknamed "Cess Pool".   There's NO jobs in the area.  NO ONE moves to that town unless they are straight garbage.

Update 3:

There are NO "better jobs" in the area, boomer.

And I AM A TAXPAYER.   Im ALREADY PAYING for these services that I cant even get to use.


Update 4:

Trying to find SAFE and AFFORDABLE housing is NOT "pampered".

Im not seeking free housing..  Im seeking AFFORDABLE

Update 5:

You dont have the intelligence to recognize that one area isnt the same as another

Update 6:

Occupancy LAWS in my area are TWO PER BEDROOM.   You can knock off the "one bedroom" horseshit because it CANNOT HAPPEN.

NO landlord in my state has been found to be in violation of discrimination laws by having a 2 per bedroom occupancy limit either..  So they are NOT breaking any law.   The limit is deemed to be REASONABLE.

Update 7:

You dont seem intelligent enough to grasp that concept. Occupancy limits can only be discrimination against families if the landlord is clearly making that law ONLY for families (ie allowing a 3some couple to have a one bedroom while not allowing a family of 3 to have one).. If that 3some couple must ALSO get a two bedroom, there is NO discrimination being made

Update 8:

The RESPONSIBLE thing is to keep looking for AFFORDABLE 3 bedroom housing in a SAFE area...   Or continue to stay in the abusive household until I find it.

Update 9:

No, thats not how ss works.  Boomers paid for the generation BEFORE them.  People who currently work are PAYING FOR BOOMERS.

People who currently work WONT GET SS tho because the retirement age keeps getting raised.   Boomers are th last generarion to collect, even tho others pay.

Update 10:

Then they live in areas where they OWN a 1 bedroom house, its an open floor plan with LARGE rooms, or their local area doesnt have occupancy laws.

There are occupancy laws here.. Its a fire hazard to cram too many people in one place. 

We also use septic tanks here.  Theres a limit as to how many people a septic tank can service.

Update 11:

No they will raise the retirement age several times before my generstion gets there..  I wont get to retire.  Ill be forced to work until death

Update 12:

Your "links" aslo agreed that 2 per bedroom limit is reasonable..  And also stated that there are many factors used to determine if more can be allowed.  The one bedrooms here dont have the square footage to allow more, and because we use septic tanks in this area, LLs also set occupancy limits for that reason.

NO landlord in my state has EVER been found to be in violation of discrimination laws due to an occupancy limit.

Update 13:

Get off your high horse about cramming people into a single bedroom like cockroaches.

Only GARBAGE people do that crap.

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    The housing authority should have a list of all low income, subsidized or income based housing.   If they are failing to properly do their job you can also try calling 2-1-1. 

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    Ranting is a reportable violation.

    You only have yourself to blame for the predicament you are in... 

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    Is there even low income/subsidized housing in your area that is not part of a voucher program?  Not in mine.

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    3 weeks ago

    Google is a helpful search engine

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