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Do you find modern Hollywood celebrities to be disposable non-stars?

There are no real 'stars' now.  I guess Harrison Ford is the last of the classic stars. After him all we have are overaged 80s doofus kids like Keanu Reeves and Tom Cruise and then a huge jumble of nobodies.  All the actors and actresses since 2000 seem interchangeable and bland and more focused on sharing their politics than making entertaining movies.  

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  • Marty
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    4 weeks ago

    There is just nothing left for Hollywood.  The movies they make are either the same old superhero garbage they've redone and rewritten so many times its redundant or remakes of old TV shows. I stopped watching television in the 80s and I haven't seen any new movies worth going to for about 10 years. No originality in Hollywood anymore. Their main purpose seems to be political now.

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