Isn't it amazing that even though Trump admits ON TAPE to downplaying covid for his own interests, he still has supporters 210k dead later?

Funny enough, these same people that claim Trump did such a good job even though 210k are dead were the same Republicans saying Obama should be impeached for the 2 dead from Ebola.

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  • 1 month ago

    Have you listened to what he said? I must have heard a different interview. I still support Trump because your interpretation of events is very different from mine. I don't hold Trump responsible for COVID deaths because I consider them to have been inevitable, while you talk as if he shot each one in the head.

  • Isaac
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    1 month ago

    I would say it's not amazing but perfectly sensible. See, you have to see the WHOLE picture. 

    One the one hand, we've got racist, sexists defending Muslims who, in turn, defend Islam which kills gay people for being gay, kills women for being raped, oppresses everyone and thinks it's OK for grown men to rape little girls. 

    Then we've got a guy who loves America and comes in and does a great job BUT he's harangued constantly by leftist media, aided by social media, reinforced by Hollywood, covered with academic explanations for why America is bad, white people are bad, men are bad, etc, etc.

     I really don't care that he downplayed what seems to be no more dangerous than the flu. I honestly think the covid-alarmists are being used, same as BLM is being used. 

    So, amazing? I would think it's inevitable. 

    As for the left and their love affair with fascism (their own brand of fascism, communism and Islam), I don't think that's amazing either. I think it's perfectly human but that doesn't mean it's GOOD. Crapping your pants may be perfectly human but we DO try to grow out of it. The leftist impulse to form their world view out of petty envy and resentment while having no understanding is quite human but you should grow out of it as soon as possible. 

    As for ebola, ebola is an ACTUAL disease. That **** is dangerous. Covid is basically the flu and there was little he could do to keep it from getting here. Ebola was INVITED in. Those people were flown here, KNOWING that they had ebola. It could have been really bad. The kill rate for covid is like less than 1%. The ebola that is EASIEST to survive is Marhlburg which still has a kill rate of like 40%. Yeah, covid is real but it's also real harmless. Yes, bunch of people dead. Same as the flu and with numbers being inflated, you can find the numbers you want. But EVEN if we just take your word that it's 200 K, that's just 3 times worse than a bad flu season. Hardly worth crippling the economy and ditching our civil rights. Also, you idiots are FINE with BLM getting together in giant mobs but you flip out over backyard barbecues on the 4th. 

    OH! Glenda just spanked you!

    Anonymous, did you READ your own post? CDC said the death toll would be 2 million if we did nothing. Now, I don't agree with the CDC but if you're going to be like "Respect the scientists!" and "OMG! The covid! It's dangerous!", then using the CDC's numbers seems perfectly reasonable. It's not that Trump supporters are brainwashed. It's that the data that YOU think we should use... suddenly supports Trump so YOU decide that quoting it is wrong. YOU are the one with a mental disorder in this picture. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    CDC claimed there would be 2,000,000 dead by now. That means trump has saved 1,800,000 live so far.


     How do YOU respond to that.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Remember how the CDC said that 2 million people would die if the country did nothing and just let it run rampant. Well they keep using that number to justify in saying that trump is doing a great job. 

    When you’re in a cult, you’re brainwashed to believe everything that you’re cult leader says is true. Trump keeps saying he’s done a great job so they believe him. 

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