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Parents: Do you have any idea what your child might do after schooling? ?

I have a 17yo who doesn't have a clue what he wants to do after school. 

I'm finding it hard to counsel him because at his age I felt that I had a direction and I went for it (even though it didn't work it in the end). 

How do I help my son who honestly doesn't know what he wants to do? 


Thanks @Ian. Your approach is what I've been going with for now. 

Update 2:

@y   Thanks.  All great suggestions. 

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    Readjusting the priorities.  It's a difficult thing when the kids do not/have not found their passion, their direction. Or when they have but can't pursue it for whatever reasons. The goals must be adjusted. Of course, if there is any question, managing to get through and graduate High School becomes the first objective.  Then, moving forward in what ever area. Community college to get those first couple of years of required classes. If school is for them. Maybe one of the trade schools instead.  Some areas will have free or very low cost trade programs available through vocational schools.  Even just a full time job with a night or online class will work. Still moving forward in any area is the goal. Military also gives them time to cook a little more, that is what they need. A little more time to cook while still moving forward while they try to find a direction.

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    Suggest he take a "gap year" to really figure out what he'd like to pursue. That doesn't mean sit around doing nothing, it means working, maybe taking a class or two (online? at a local community college?), traveling if he has the means to, volunteering, etc.

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    You can engage in conversations about a wide range of options and work with him to investigate what those jobs/careers require.  You and your spouse also have to decide what you are willing or not willing to support once he graduates.  For example, will you cover the costs of attending a trade school or community college or university?  Will you require him to get a job, pay rent, and or move out?  It is important to nudge kids into developing self-sufficiency over time. 

    Not everyone is destined for a college degree, but many kids (in college or not) don't know what they want to do and are unwilling to work until they find that thing.  This isn't realistic. Trying different jobs and seeing what they like or don't like and what they are good at or not good at, will help them narrow down a path.  

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    Go to college, that’s when some people find out

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    Don't pressure him to do anything...yet. My son's friends went to college and university and they are stressed out and questioning their choices. My son is relaxed and focused on finding his way. Just the complaints about parental pressure alone coming from his friends is enough to make me worry about them. When he decides to do something it will be a much more relaxed and focused effort on his part. Two of his buddies have dropped out costing their parent thousands. t's a new world out there, let him find his way with love and support from you. Life is long and he has plenty of time.

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