What language do u need to learn to customize Android OS?

I know Java is the best language to develope Android apps. But do u need to learn C language in order to customize the Android operating system?

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    4 weeks ago

    customize how? you don't need an app to do that, as the only changes you can make can be done in your Settings menu.

    like most portable devices, Androids are locked down so there is no root user, and your device needs to be rooted to make any changes not in the Settings menu.

    Java is mostly a display/interface technology, but you can set an app up to make changes (with proper permissions) to the device's Settings, however, all of these changes are what can be done in the Settings app.

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    4 weeks ago

    Android is open source


    as far as I know

    it's "open" only insofar as the libraries are available.

    I.e. the source code itself is not available for customization.

    (But of course one could replace a library function with a custom library function.)

    Being Linux-based

    the libraries would be accessible

    in the same way as any Linux-based library

    and so ***I would expect***

    any programming language that can be compiled on Linux

    and that can access such libraries

    can be used to customize the OS.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Android is based on a Linux kernel. So you need to learn Linux

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