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Best ground cover plant.?

I have an area of ground where I can't get grass to grow. I was thinking of ground cover instead. It is very dry most of the time but when it rains it's usually heavy and floods for a day. It is in South of France. I usually get out 3 times a year, unfortunately not this year. Will be out in April next year all being well and would like to plant some ground cover. What is the best to get? Is ground cover the way to go?


I did think about gravel but kids run and jump into the pool beside the caravan which is why I would like to plant something soft underfoot. 

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    I had a similar problem under a large oak tree. I just covered the area with small gravel. It worked better than ground cover because ground cover can grow unevenly whereas the gravel can be spread evenly to give you a nice look and a clean surface to walk on.

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