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Why is Trump's bragging about his role in the vigilante killing of Michael Reinoehl? What happened to the GOP's "law and order"?

Or is it now "the law according to Trump"?  Do we need any more reason not to vote for Trump?

“And then I put out on social media, ‘Why didn’t you arrest him?’ And you know what, the US Marshals saw it, they went in, and he pulled a gun on ‘em, and in 15 minutes it was all over. None of our guys were hurt, and he was gone. This guy was a stone-cold killer, and yet they say he was a protester, he was not a protester. He was an anarchist and a killer. And the US Marshals: Thank you, that was an incredible job they did, brave.”  *yawn*.... 

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    Another example of conservatives' total disregard for due process.

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