Is It Required to Provide a Confirmation of Being Insured Elsewhere in Order to Terminate Your AOK Health Insurance Contract?

Hello to everyone,

I have a question regarding the health insurance cancellation policy of the German AOK Health Insurance Company. I would like to ask whether in order to terminate the health insurance contract entered into with the AOK Health Insurance Company you must provide AOK with a confirmation of being insured with some other health insurance provider?

The thing is that I have heard from someone that in order to cancel your health insurance with AOK, you must provide them with such a confirmation, but when I read their insurance policy in German (looking up „Kündigung” for “Termination” and “Widerruf” for “Revocation“, and then translating that insurance policy into English), I did not find any information about such a confirmation being required by them. The only information that I did find was that if you want to notify them about wanting to cancel your insurance with them, you best notify them about that by phone, fax or e-mail.

I also assume that such a confirmation is not required on the basis of the German health insurance law because I had read about it prior to reading the AOK insurance policy, and I did not find any information about such a confirmation being required on the basis of that law. However, if it is required by the German health insurance law, or by the German law in general, and any of you knows about this, please let me know about it, as well as where I could find the information about this being set forth in the German law.

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