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I eat in even’s do I have OCD?

When I’m eating let’s say cereal for example I have to have an even number of them on my right side and an odd on my left but the odd number has to be less than the even! Also when I touch my right side I feel like my body is uneven and I have to touch the other side. I am getting a little worried at this point and I as wondering is it OCD? Can anyone help me?

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    The question is, does this bother you? You can use a tool used by professionals online, the Yale-Brown OCD Scale. Info about how to deal with OCD in my recent answers

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    It is only a disorder if it interferes with proper functioning as a "normal" human being.  Lots of people have odd quirks like that.  There is a range of behaviors and it is only the more extreme behaviors that constitute OCD.  The term idiosyncrasy might be used for a minor such need or routine behavior.  History is filled with people who were know for having such odd behaviors that they had to follow or they would feel uncomfortable.  So it is really a question of how uncomfortable do you get when things are not "right" and how much time and energy do you send making sure that the are. 

    I always bite the corner off the slice of bread when I make sandwiches.  I don't know why, but I can't not do it.  It is more than habit but not a compulsion that causes anxiety if I am forced to not do it. I have a couple other things that I always do (have to do it that way or it bothers me) but are too long to explain.

    Not saying it is normal, but it is not abnormal.

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