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Black guys vs white guys?

There are a lot youtube videos where women are asked this question of the street, but it always feels like they are afraid to give an honest answer (the interviewer is usually a white man) I'm curious; which do women actually prefer?

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    4 weeks ago

    that's like asking if blondes are more popular than brunettes. the answer is the same: it depends on the individual. not everyone thinks alike.

    and i should point out that the question is rather asinine, for a list of reasons:

    even if you knew the answer, it's not like you can just change your skin color.

    if the only reason you are loved is for your skin color, you are not really loved.

    there are more important aspects to choosing a potential mate, like common interests, goals, and ethics...

    my mother one time told me that i'd "better not ever marry a black girl". i told her i couldn't promise that, because you don't choose who you fall in love with. love is a feeling, not an arbitrary choice :)

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    You should learn to get over YOUR own insecurities, my friend.

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