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Why is it that the number of police deaths has not gone up significantly since 1945, given the increase in population?

The rate was 1.6 per annum pre1945, 2.2 post 1945. If you take out the accidental deaths, car crashes, falling through roofs, heart attacks during arrests, it falls to 1.3 per annum post 1945, 1.01 per annum pre1945.

Why do people get away with posting misinformation?

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    The idea that there is such a thing as right and left in politics is a myth, there is only right or wrong and the more right-wing people consider themselves, the more wrong they seem to be, these are people who operate purely on what sounds logical to them, people that tend to use the phrase 'common sense' 

    The absolute evil genius of the wrong-wing media is their ability to make their sheep believe they are skeptical, which they do by tapping into their emotions, so they will print story after story of some crime or other usually committed by black people to condition them to equate crime to blackness for instance.


    In this case its violence committed against the police, the sheep believed that it was only logical to assume crime committed against police had increased because its been pumped into its head 24/7 that police are being attacked regularly by their media of choice  

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    A 30% increase is not insignificant and most of that is down to ethnics.

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    Hmmm..............1.01 vs 1.3.  Seems to me that an almost 30% increase is pretty damned significant.

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