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What the heck is a 'bank' computer?

When I was little, my aunt had a computer in her back bedroom. The computer was beige, and the keyboard was also beige with brown keys. The keyboard was typewriter thick. The wires coming from the keyboard to the computer looked like a telephone wire. There wasn't a mouse to this computer. When the computer was turned on it showed a black screen with green text.

My aunt told us "it is a bank computer! Do not touch it!" I looked at it but never touched it giving the fact that it was a bank computer.

Since my aunt is deceased and uncle also, I cannot ask them what it was. What is a 'bank' computer? 

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    Before the public internet, some organizations provide at-home terminal capabilities. This was likely a keyboard setup that dialed directly into a bank account. Back in early 80s, I recall having a proprietary email account that worked that way. It would only contact one server for one service. So, that's my guess... 

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    Have you ever seen a typewriter, mate.  They're about 8 to 12 inches "thick".  Are you saying that your aunt and uncles keyboard was that thick?

    MAYBE it's a computer that your aunt and uncle obtained from a bank 'sell off' when they upgraded their computer systems!?

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    Back in the 1980s, all computers looked like that.  Graphics, colour, mice and Windows are much later inventions.  But why your aunt called hers a bank computer is beyond me.  Perhaps she used it to rob banks.

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