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? asked in Politics & GovernmentPolitics · 6 months ago

Are everyday democrats hypocrites if they accept a special favor from a friend or family?

Any favor that no one else can get. Is it worst if they requested the favor themselves?  Is it even worst if the income level of the receiver is minimum wage?


"That no one else can get." So yeah family does matter. So if a dem does it, it is love for family. If republican does it, it is corruption?

Update 2:

TB if you help friends and family WHENEVER YOU CAN then at some point that is corruption

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    6 months ago
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    What favors are you referring to,,, I help friends and family whenever I can, that's what friends and family do.

    Are you suggesting everyday Republicans refuse to help friends and family.

    UPDATE,,, How so,, are you saying I should turn my back on my family, my children, my friends and start acting like a Republican.

    Are you suggesting everyday Republicans refuse to help friends and family, thinking instead of their own selfish interests,

    Are you suggesting that if a Republican father had a chance to help his child get a better job, better car, better home he would refuse to do so because,,, you know, corruption.

    Would a Republican father not cosign a loan for his child because,,, you know, corruption,

    Are you saying a Republican would knowingly screw over a friend.

    So you're saying that everything we've been taught about family, about Christian values, about being a good caring person Republicans refuse simply to avoid the appearance of corruption,,, is that what you're saying here,,,, Republicans are cold, heartless individuals that only care about themselves,,, because yeah, a lot of people would probably agree with that.

  • 6 months ago

    politics aside its called human behaviour of kindness and you know that thing called a relationship this question doesnt really make sense unless you have been so caught up or involved with politics and theory you forget you are a social intelligent animal lol

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