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Is there any way for people with ADHD to memorize ?

I have ADHD but it's not recognised in my country. For example, I had 5 pages to memorize for the next day, I memorize 1 and feel exhausted to memorize the others even though the terms are easy. Is there any special way?

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    I don't have ADHD but like most students I found it difficult to memorize large amounts of information. In order to graduate, I had to find good methods. This answer tells what I learned.

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    If someone like a teacher or boss told you to memorize 5 pages, then (If they dont already know) Tell them about your ADHD and try to convince them how tiring it is, and how you literally cannot do it with your condition at the moment without tiring yourself out.

    I do not know any special way, my friend who has ADHD managed to remember her entire script for a play, but I think her ADHD didn't affect her in that section as much. It more affected her actions, not her brain.

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