What does "freedom as project" imply in freedom and subjectivity?

Explain the statement: Human existence is the unity-in-opposition of factical being and potential being, of already and not yet, of past and future. The term project is reserved to indicate this unity-in-opposition which man is. Mand does not lie "crushed" in his facticity, but has elvow room, the leeway of his potential being.

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  • ?
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    4 weeks ago

    That's a bunch of nonsense. Factical isn't even a word. Its the sort of empty, meaningless mission statement you expect from a fringe artist, or self help guru

  • j153e
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    4 weeks ago

    Your three--whoa, now there are only two showing--questions employ the following perspectives:  being-in-relevant-society, or the "real world" as Other--a question of agency; and being-for-self, or the notion of intent as "project."

    These two be-nesses are expressed in the folk wisdom "When push comes to shove," inasmuch as the Other may be the pusher and/or one's for-self may be the pusher...and there is in facticity a region of same in which the fact of the surround may reduce one's degrees of freedom to the circularizing unity which = "lead or get out of the way," "do or die (or emigrate if you can)."

    In a soft-science middle ground sense, "self and society" is the expressed meaning.

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