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Will cbd help with my anxiety, depression, and panic attacks?

Smoking thc weed gives me panic attacks, anxiety, and depression so i have since quit. i have a panic disorder and have random panic attacks. I have grown to develop a fear of weed because of my experiences. Even the smell of it will trigger a panic attack. I have heard good things about cbd and how it helps with mental health, and helps people who can’t handle thc weed like myself. Would cbd help me and my mental health? Or would my existing fear of weed just cause a panic attack or anxiety if i used cbd?I am grateful for any responses.

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    Cbd does helps with anxiety, depression and panic attacks. If smoking thc weed gives you panic attacks, anxiety and depression then I would not recommend cbd. Cbd does help mental health problems. The existing fear of weed would probably cause a panic attack or anxiety if you used cbd.

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    Did look at other answers, but this stigma on mental health is what really "Grinds my Gears!" Like any medicine. Do your own research on the pro's and cons of such. CBD maybe an answer, but MJ is still treated like such is really bad. The thing is that your "experts" still have this mentality that's not truly progressive is it?

    So "don't be stupid; Stupid!" -Phillip DeFranco- Yeah, that guy who's likely has the "true facts" on such, because he's an independent person. Hope that he's still the type of person that respects the facts!  None of your BS!

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    No physician will prescribe cannabis for anyone with an emotional or mental illness because it only makes your symptoms WORSE.

    Sure, you can buy a lot of crap over the counter in states where it is legal but if it makes mental and emotional illness worse, who would take a chance on it?

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    I don't know for sure about this, but I'm skeptical, for two reasons. One is that we don't have a lot of research on CBD and there are questions, like what about long-term effects. We know that weed can have terrible long-term effects. Another reason is that there's more evidence in favor of therapy than there is for medication in treating anxiety disorders. Panic disorder is a phobia - a fear of the system's harmless stress responses - and medicine is not good for treating phobias.

    I don't know the statistics, but therapeutic breathing is so simple and safe that it's common sense that you should try it.

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  • Chanel
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    It is better not to smoke weed cos the people I know that have smoked it have been on it for years so it is addictive. It does cause all the symptoms you describe.

    About CBD, I read that it is flying off the shelves.

  • LAN
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    3 weeks ago

    What's with idiots believing in snake oil magic cures.   If you were serious about wanting help you would see a doctor.

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    Not likely

    Should stay away from these kind of drugs. 

    It’s known marijuana causes mental illness (schizophrenia)

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