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Why are Democrats willing to damage themselves politically by attacking Amy Coney Barrett when blocking her nomination is extremely unlikely?

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    I doubt they see that racism towards her children or hatred of her Catholicism is going to harm them. They live in an echochamber.

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    In general, the Barrett nomination is probably a winner for Democrats, at least in terms of electoral politics. 

    The nomination, and the presumed confirmation, is a police victory for conservatives, at least in the medium term, but it's probably an electoral loser.  Barrett, and the circumstances of her nomination, probably make it more difficult for Republicans to win reelection.  It's probably sunk Susan Collins already troubled campaign (although Collins is one of only two Republicans to be morally consistent and oppose nominating Barrett in an election year).  It's probably hurt other Republican Senators, and maybe even Congressmen, too.  Financially it's been a massive boon for Democrats.  In the 24 hours after ginsburg's death, the Biden campaign and the DNC raised about $100 million.  That's about what Trump raised in all of August. They've got so much cash on hand right now that their big problem is figuring out how to spend it.  In terms of motivating people, it probably doesn't do a whole lot for Trump.  Yes, Barrett's nomination will please Evangelicals and hard core anti-abortion folks.  But Trump probably had their votes locked up anyway.  Theoretically it could increase enthusiasm, but I don't think it will do that much.  It probably would have been better, electorally, for Trump to leave the nomination open until after the election.  Then evangelicals might be more motivated to turn out in order to make sure Trump could fill that seat.  As is, they will have already gotten what they want, so the pressure is off to turn out.  In fact, this could, theoretically, even help Biden.  There could be Trump skeptical Republicans who were wary of voting for Biden out of fear that he'd enact some kind of crazy left wing agenda.  Having a 6-3 conservative majority on the court could ease their fears by offering a bulwark against any radical change.  That might allow some of them to move over to Biden.  On the other side, the nomination will almost certainly be an electoral boon to Biden.  One of the concerns of some Democrats is that while Biden has done a fantastic job reaching out to moderates and conservatives, he hasn't done as good a job motivating the left wing.  If they stay home like they did in 2016 then Biden could be in trouble.  But the Barrett nomination largely solves that problem for Biden, and without him having to take radical rhetorical stances that might upset moderates.  By reminding the left wing of the stakes at the Supreme Court, the nomination will motivate them to turn out in droves.  They'll want to make sure a Democrat, even one who may be too moderate for their tastes, gets to appoint any further justices. 

    The Democrats could hurt themselves with attacks on Barrett if they do them the wrong way.  I think some people are expecting the very ugly hearings which we saw with Kavanaugh.  But that was a special case.  Gorsuch didn't go that way and, barring something unforeseen, neither should Barrett (for that matter, Kavanaugh didn't get ugly until the rape allegations surfaced).  But there's real ways that Democrats can go after Barrett that should help them politically.  Abortion is one of these.  Barrett is very much against it.  But a supermajority of Americans think that abortion should be legal in at least some cases.  The threat to abortion promises to further widen the gender gap which is already heavily in Biden's favor.  Perhaps even more important will be health care.  One of the main issues which drove Democrats to victory in 2018 was health care, and specifically protecting the benefits of Obamacare.  Barrett is on record as opposing Obamacare and wanting to strike it down.  And this is in the middle of a pandemic of unprecedented proportions.  Democrats have an amazing opportunity to attack this threat to Americans health care, pointing out that Barrett, and the Republicans who support her, want to strip millions of Americans of their health care while a deadly disease rages.  And it's an immediate threat.  If Barrett is confirmed before the election she could very well sit in judgement of a case about Obamacare which is coming before the court this winter.  Democrats are thus going to be able to go to the voters and tell them that Trump, and presumably every Republican Senator up for election except for Susan Collins, are trying to strip them of their health care.  And the beauty is that this is 100% true.  Politically, that's a winning message.  On a final note, Kamala Harris, the Democrats VP nominee, is on the Senate Judiciary Committee.  So she's going to get a lot of free air time to put herself before the American people and make the case for the Democrats. 

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    How do you feel like they are damaging themselves by speaking out against her appointment?  If her beliefs are contrary to the majority of their constituents, that`s what they are supposed to do.  I believe it`s mainly over whatever her stance is on Abortion, etc.  

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    I don't really see how that would harm them politically. Most people are opposed to the nomination. Even if you assume they're not acting in good faith, siding with the majority is the obvious choice. Republican's aren't siding with the popular opinion, but the power they receive in return would justify that. 

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    They have to try everything to get the base worked up enough 

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