Instagram disabled my account and I need to know how to get it back?

Recently I was trying to get into my Instagram because I was logged out for suspicious usage. I own a third party app which shows me if someone unfollows me so I was used to Instagram being aware of this app and logging me out for safety. This time was different though. I must’ve entered my two factor authentication code wrong too many times because I was unable to log in at all. Then I got a friend to check my instagram and it was disabled. I submitted some form to Facebook and then they asked me to send a clear picture of myself holding up a code with my full name and username also written. This was two days ago. I haven’t received an email back yet. Has anyone went through something similar to this? When did you receive a response and did you get your account back? Instagram is my only form of social media so not having it is a huge bummer and if my account is lost forever, I’ll have lost 5 years of work and 6k followers. 

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