Can you still negotiate the car price at the dealership if you’re in the Replace Your Ride program?

So I’m helping my mom buy a new car and using the incentive from the Replace Your Ride Program. She’s not a strong english speaker thats why. So she’s planning on buying a new Toyota Camry and we tried to bargain for a lower price, as many other people do. The dealer said they can’t lower it because they’d be losing money or something. They can only sell it at the MSRP price. Is this true? Or are they just saying that to try and get us to buy it at a higher price?

1 Answer

  • Barry
    Lv 6
    1 month ago

    That's dealer spiel. Search online for new car deals, print the quotes and return to the dealer. If he won't play ball contact other Toyota dealers to see if one will drop the price. Although the best deal would be a one or two year old car with low miles and full service history.

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