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please help me domain and range algebra 2?

algebra 2 domain and range 

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    9) DOMAIN = (-1, ∞) .......(Option B)

        RANGE = (-∞, 5] .........(Option C)

    10) DOMAIN = (0,∞) .......(Option B)

          RANGE = (-∞, 3) ......(Option A)

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    The domain is the list of every "x" in a function that results in a "y".

    The range is the list of every "y" possible.

    So the first one, the "x" values have an opened circle at -1 meaning that -1 isn't in the solution set but all values larger than it is.

    (-1, ∞)  answer B

    To find the range we look at the maximum possible value then see that it goes down from there into negative infinity.  That maximum is at 5 and includes that value so the range is:

    (-∞, 5] answer C


    Similar to the second one.  For the domain, there is an open circle at x = 0 and it goes forever into infinity.  (0, ∞) answer B.

    The maximum value here is 3 and since it's also part of the circle isn't part of the range.  All values less than it are.  (-∞, 3) answer  A.

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