Bakers cyst VS DVT?

Hi all- I am 4 months post partum next week

I have had calf pain in my right leg for about 2months now. I had 2 ultrasounds a month ago and a D-dimer of which were negative. I had another by a different dr last week which showed fluid in my knee and a bakers cyst. I’m worried this is actually a clot- as the two can imitate each other. 

I don’t understand why if I have a cyst and not a clot behind my knee, why the pain in the calf? Pain sometimes goes to my thigh. calf is tender to the touch & spasms often. It feels like a burning/aching sensation.

Should I look for more answers?

I’m not sold on this being caused by a bakers cyst.


Update to add- I have a mild cough, mild chest and back pain. I don’t know if this is related but a little worried about PE on top of it all. I see dr again next week.

1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    Pain radiates and bakers cysts put pressure on all the structures that go to the calf.  They look quite different on tests, bakers cysts are large and not in the vein. Have another test to ease your mind, see an orthopedist about the cyst. Another round of neg tests and it’s pretty sure you don’t have a clot or PE.

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