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Should I go back to the endroconologist?

I got diagnosed with hashimoto in March but I notice that my hair keeps falling out and the whole back of my head is super short and my hair is not even anymore.Also I keep having chest and joint and leg pain on and there a way to heal hashimoto naturally without medication(I hate taking prescription medication because of too many side effects I will take it only if the disease is life threatening which this disease isn’t too severe if u manage it and keep your weight and diet right)what should I do?!


Hashimoto can get serious but the last time I did blood work it came back fine.u just need to get bloodwork done once a year and it depends on the severity of your blood disfunction.

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    Lab guy I was diagnosed with it but caught it early and could be fixed with Diet 

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    Ok then just wait until you have life threatening symptoms if you refuse to take the medication. You are an adult and I am not your mother to be babying you. 

    Why would you want to go back to the endocrinologist if you were diagnosed with Hashimoto's and refuse to take medication?

    You either weren't diagnosed with it or it was detected early as subclinical and not true hypothyroidism in which case they will test until your thyroid hormones decrease or your TSH becomes significantly elevated before putting you on thyroid hormones. 

    Natural treatments don't work so stop with that nonsense 

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    I got diagnosed with Grave's Disease early this year because of an overactive thyroid.  Then they did more tests and scans and biopsies and found both papillary AND follicular thyroid cancer, plus a tumor in one of my parathyroids and another in a lymph node.  Surgery in March got it all out.  Comparatively, one of my cousins ignored her symptoms, her tumor got so big it infiltrated her bloodstream and her treatment is going to be very different.  Hashimoto's might just be a symptom of something much worse.

    GO BACK TO YOUR DOCTOR.  Take whatever medications they prescribe (levothyroxine is relatively cheap), alter your diet the way they tell you to and don't ignore your chronic pain and hair loss symptoms.

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    Untreated Hashimoto can be life threatening because your thyroid is NOT functioning properly.  IDK where you get the idea that it can be managed without medication.  There are NO natural cures for this and if not tended to properly with good medical care you can actually get worse.  Losing your hair and the aches and pains are true signs that you are not taking care of this problem.  BTW, having hashi's does come with side effects (more than any medication will give you).  See the endocrinologist for treatment before you develop symptoms that cannot be easily treated.

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