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Tori Bowie can reach a top speed (of about 10.83 m/s) in the first 28.2 m of a race. How long does it take her to reach that speed?

It takes her how many seconds to reach a speed of 10.83 m/s.

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    The distance covered is the area under the speed-time graph.

    So given a time t, and top speed v, we can conclude that distance is maximized if we keep the speed at v the entire time.

    Conversely, if we now keep the distance constant, we will minimize the time necessary to cover it if we're at maximum speed.

    So Tori took at least 28.2 / 10.83 seconds.

    There is no upper bound for the time, which says she can let the movement of the tectonic plates carry her the 28.2 metres.

    If constant acceleration is present, then the average speed is 10.83/2 m/s, so time is 2 * 28.2 / 10.83 s

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