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What if, In an alternate World war 1 History Scenario, Italy and Romania Joined the Central Powers Instead of The Ottomans and Bulgaria?


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    As has been pointed out, Italy and Austria had conflicting land claims.

    But, if they could have settled them, then Italy joining the Central Powers would have been a serious naval problem for the Allies.

    Austria had four dreadnought battleships, and Italy had six (Until the Da Vinci exploded in harbor in 1916), so a combined fleet with ten modern battleships would have been more than France could have dealt with without substantial Royal Navy help. France only had seven dreadnoughts in 1917.

    So, several battleships moving from the British Grand Fleet to the Med would have shrunk the RN's numerical superiority over the German High Seas Fleet, and could have offered Germany a chance to win a major naval battle.

    It was said at the time that Admiral Jellicoe was the only man who could have lost the war in one afternoon...

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    Wouldn't have happened, because of the dispute in the South Tyrol between Austria and Italy, and the dispute in Transylvania between the Romanians and the ethnic Hungarians and Germans.

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    If you're that interested in alternate histories FIGURE IT OUT YOURSELF. 

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