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If you’re socially inept and “unlovable”, do you let it bother you or do you change your behavior to stay in your comfort zone?

If you’re socially inept and “unlovable”, do you:

1. Realize that you are and try to improve but not get bothered by people’s reactions to you.

2.  Stay away from people and experiences that are bound to be disasters.  For example, if you say the wrong thing to people you don’t know well, do you just not say much when meeting people?

3. Something else?


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    EVERYONE is lovable! Even 'popular' people come across times/people where they're made to feel inept/'unlovable'. The only difference is, is that they don't let these people make them question themselves or their 'lovability'. They don't dwell on nasty people/experiences to the point that it affects their personality/view on life. Again 'popular' people have times they say the wrong thing as well and are treated with disdain. If apologies/explanations aren't accepted (sometimes people won't accept such due to 'their' power play!) 'Popular' people know they have tried, or they acknowledge they made a mistake - don't make it again - and move on. I appreciate 'improving' yourself - to a point! I spent so much of my life looking at ways of improving myself etc (physically and mentally) yet I kept coming across people who still treated me with contempt! Improve yourself - FOR YOU - but don't expect life to get 'easier'. That's life, you're always going to come across people/circumstances that make you feel bad. The bottom line? Be true to yourself and live your life selecting people who support you to share your life with. Being with people that deem 'themselves' as better than you is just a waste of your precious time. You will never win over their massive egos! That's a lesson 'they' have to learn!

  • 4 weeks ago

    1. Realize that you are and try to improve but not get bothered by people’s reactions to you.

  • 4 weeks ago

    4. Come onto this site and troll apparently.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    I know this sounds a bit conceited but I don't let ANYTHING worry me. Certainly not in social terms.

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