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Why does it seem like there is no way to win if you're short male?

it feels like im borderline handicap. suicide ( legalized assisted) is always on my mind.


i never mentioned anything about women, (even though the unfairness is true) but even when doing anything in society SHORT MEN ARE HATED. if you are a decent person and are short YOURE A WIMP. If you stand your ground and are assertive you have SHORT MAN SYNDROME.

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    Yes I see the point.

    If you 5'6 or less you don't get treated right.

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    I'm a woman who is 5'9" (175 cms). When I was younger, I wouldn't date a man shorter than me. DATE, but I didn't treat them as any less in other circumstances. But that was on ME, it had nothing to do with 'them' per se. Two men I worked with with years ago come to mind. They were so much very shorter than me- yet we had a lot of fun working together sharing the same sense of humour. The taller men were jealous. Not of the shorter men - just that we had so much fun! The 'short man' syndrome is there because there are short men who are aggressive and do indeed pick fights/arguments to 'prove' how 'tough' they are. That's on THEM. Notice that is even there in the animal kingdom? Many people know of the small yapping dog . . . who has the same attitude! lol. Leaving an abusive husband after 20 years (who was 'just' an inch taller than me) made me re evaluate my 'priorities'. Or was that just maturity on my part? Since then, I've met many men a lot shorter than me - in a social setting - that I would have happily dated/had a relationship with - if they had asked me! (Risk the knock back - but you do that anyway when you ask someone don't you?) With these shorter men, their height was never noticed by me, because I enjoyed their company so much and liked the person! In the end - except for the extremely shallow - the PERSONALITY of a person is what wins people over! (Try being overweight/obese and being treated like you're a leper - as if fat is contagious!)  Look around, there are many (famous) tall women who date/marry short men. Sophia Loren comes to mind (that I can think of right now - there are many more/recent) Her husband was so much shorter than her - and yet she adored him. You sound like you've recently experienced some crap - don't let this affect the person you are and wear this as a reason to judge everyone the same. One bugbear of mine is the taller men dating short women! Chris Hemsworth comes to mind. You know how tall he is - yet his wife is so very much shorter than him! 

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    Evolution is really mean and women see protection in tall dudes.

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