Suddenly Slow Computer?

For about a week, I've been having connectivity issues to games but I've been attributing that to wifi. Earlier today, I got on my computer and it ran like absolute garbage. Pages not loading, typing lagging heavily, it taking 2 minutes to load into google meets then kicking me for having my camera on, Sims 4 loading like it's Sims 3 then being virtually unplayable because of lag, etc. It's not an old computer-- I got it December of 2019, it doesn't need to update, I haven't installed any new programs, and I've run an sfc scan and a DISM restore health to no avail. I'm certain it's not a network issue because things like the start button menu and offline games take forever to load or don't load period.

Do I have any options other than to reset my computer entirely? I already had to go down that route earlier this year when my file explorer stopped working and it's a pain to manually backup files. Thank you in advance for any advice.


For reference, it is a laptop. I'm not sure I have the option to replace any hardware.

Update 2:

When I said my laptop doesn't need to update, I meant that it's up-to-date.

2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    You do need to update your laptop...

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Sounds like a failing hard drive or SSD. Reinstalling your operating system might not help. You could buy a new drive and clone the contents of the old drive to it, and then try the usual repair methods. It won't fix any corrupted personal files, though.

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