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How to do homework when ADHD meds have worn off?

I'm a Senior in High School, and I have ADHD. I'm on 27mg of Concerta (XR). This works pretty okay during the day, but by the time I have to do homework it's worn off. I take it at 7 AM, start school at 7:30 AM, and usually start on homework in the early evening (5/6ish PM). 

This is when my meds start to wear off, and I start struggling more with trying to focus. 

How do I manage this? 

Thank you!

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    You and your parents contact the doctor who prescribed the medication and see what options they recommend.  Some people do take a second, often smaller, dose of the same or a slightly different medication in the afternoon for just this reason. The second does is enough to get people through homework but won't keep them up all night.  

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    Common problem with ADHD.  I'm sorry you have to struggle with this.  See the Dr for a possible longer term drug. 

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    My doctor prescribed me a very low dose for the evening hours when it wears off. Only 5 or 10 mg, but it helped.

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