what kind of file do you use for grinding metal i need to take a little off the side of a flat bar need it to go from 2inch width to 13/16?

which is the right file for reducing the width size of a steel flat bar? the bar might be half inch thick if the Home Depot has any steel flat bars of that size. so the size would be if thy have it. 2 inch width, and 1 half inch thick, and 4 inch long, witch i will cut it to 4 inch long. i need 2 piece like that. 

so what i want to do is file the side to make the width go down to 1-13/16 or 1-7/9 the photo show how far down. it like 3 lines before the 2 inch mark see photo hope it clear enough click the photo to make it bigger. so i do not know what file is the right one for the job. and I don't have any grinding machine. and i am on a tight budget i got to buy all supplies on my list and cant go over $300 with tax include i am shooting for way less then $300 but a $300 budget available for me. thank you all in advance for your future answers


i do have a cord less drill so i might be able to use a grinder disk 

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  • Jim W
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    1 month ago

    Use a table saw with a metal cutting blade to rip the metal to the size you want.

  • 2 months ago
  • 2 months ago

    You probably aren’t going to find that size material at Home Depot but if you do, the mark up will be crazy. You’d be better off buying a $40 Ryobi grinder from HD, a $7 pack of 10 metal cut off wheels from Harbor Freight and asking a local welding shop to look through their scrap bin if you don’t have a Metal Supermarket near by. 

  • 2 months ago

    find a local handyman who has a grinder to do this.  filing it down, at 1/2 inch thickness, will take forever.  -- grampa

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  • 2 months ago

    It would take a lifetime to take 3/16's off with files.

    You need to hack saw it off or use up 2 or 3 cut off wheels on a cheap harbor freight 4 1/2 inch grinder to .cut it off.

    A better idea is just find a metal by the foot store or some other metal supply store near you & buy the correct size bar.

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