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Why didn't Luke Skywalker deflect the Emperor's force lighting?

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    Within the context of the original trilogy, Luke simply wasn't that advanced. 

    If you recall, early in "Return of the Jedi" Jabba the Hutt scoffs when Luke introduces himself as a "Jedi."  After Luke surrenders to Darth Vader, the father inspects the son's new lightsaber and says that his skills are "improving." 

    If you take into account the combat scenes from the pre-trilogy, you'll see that Luke couldn't even compare to the skills exhibited by his mentor Obi Wan at the same age, who himself was far less accomplished than a master like Yoda.

    If you read the behind scenes stories about the making of the final three movies, you'll see that Mark Hamill was displeased with the way Luke was portrayed (one reason he, like Harrison Ford, demanded to be "killed off").

    Luke's character from the beginning was supposed to follow the "farm boy becomes a hero" formula from the books and movies from George Lucas' youth. He was never supposed to attain the supernatural powers of the masters and supervillains.

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    Movies regularly break their own "rules" they know most people are brain dead and don't really care about such things.

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