Bus windshield longer on passenger side?

Hi there - I noticed that the bus on this link below has a slightly longer windshield on the passenger side - essentially a small window beneath it. Why is this?


Thanks for your answers, much appreciated! 

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  • 3 weeks ago
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    That’s a very common design feature on many buses and other vehicles like rubbish (garbage) trucks. 

    It helps the driver to see the kerb (US=curb) on that side of the vehicle. On left-hand drive vehicles that extended view would be on the opposite side of the vehicle. 

    The buses I drive mostly have a single longer windscreen on the nearside (kerbside) of the bus. But doing it as per the photo you linked to allows the manufacturer to use the same windscreens for RHD and LHD buses, with just the small additional below whichever side needs the extended view.

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    It seems on that bus, probably to keep DISTRACTING questions at bay, the driver is isolated in a "booth". The slim booth allows passengers to board and pay at the front ( buy fare cards, slide the card at a turnstile for boarding, etc. I see a lot of this in Moscow as well as other cities.

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