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Should the UK do something about its Gypsy problem?

There are some illegally camped in a field at the back of my house and they are absolutely disgusting. They are loud, foul-mouthed and violent. They have already piled up rubbish and I have seen them squatting in a bush a few times. The stench is getting rather awful. They have stolen my 8 year old son's bike and virtually the whole close has had something stolen. They are simply revolting.

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  • 2 weeks ago

    You should enjoy the freedom of speech and religions. That is UK Government promoting.

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    Of course the UK should do something about those pests.. but didn't Blair when he was Prime minister travel to Romania and made arrangements with the Romanian government to bring to England several million Romanian gypsies ?  So who's the scum... gypsies or Blair ??.   I couldn't believe when I read it,   that Blair had done that.

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    First of all, stop judging Eastern European countries, when you see reports how the gypsies live there. It's not the normal people's fault. This is how they like to live.

    The UK should do something, but I don't know what. You can't send 2 police officers to remove a gypsy family as the small ones have like 50 members and they are lawless.

    Unfortunately, whatever you do, they will react with violence because they are on a lower level mentally. Only violence can help.

    Think about pests, you have to kill rats and other pests to get rid of them. Maybe it's harsh to say it like this, but when a gipsy family camps outside of your house, they are a pest. 

    Start locking everything, and hope they will move soon as unless you burn down their camp, they will not listen. 

    Source(s): coming from a country where there are full gipsy villages now and you better not go in there.
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    They Must deport Rumanian Beggars from the UK Once out of the EU we can decide who comes in and the First must be banned are Muslims and Romanians

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  • 3 weeks ago

    Are you sure that they are Gypsy? or is it more likely that you live at the back of the local football ground?

    The ones that lived in the field at the back of us were never any trouble.In fact they were a asset. Most of the men were artisans in the building trade,so if you wanted a building job done at a reasonably price, they were there. And their work couldn't be faulted.Just because they have a different culture, that doesn't mean, that they have tobe victimised.

  • Ludwig
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    3 weeks ago

    If they are tinkers send them back to Ireland on a boat.

  • garry
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    3 weeks ago

    gypsy are fine , just the uk is full of bigots and think everyone is the same , yes narrow minded   people .

  • 3 weeks ago

    'Gypsy's live on the Road, travelling from place to place and stopping wherever they fancy pulling in to.  The life of a Gypsy is dying out and it must be quite a hard lifestyle choice.  Many Gypsy's are dehydrated, as they can now no longer 'draw' water from rivers and streams, without risking being poisoned from Agricultural pollution etc.

    Some 'Gypsy' families are decent and law abiding peaceful people, who remove any rubbish made, during their stays.  However, not all Gypsy families care about their own reputation and ruin it for everyone, by thieving and littering and other petty crimes.

  • I'm sure one could read your fortune.

    Crystal Ballicks...

  • i have never had a problem with gypsies. so no.

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