can anyone help me find a game i cannot remember the name of?

I want to find an alien shooter game which if i remember correctly is a first person game where you would be on an alien planet and fight through a semi open world are of aliens to reach a boss at some point. I remember there being a grapplehook and one ice biome and 1 forest biome am not sure if there is more.

I'm rather sure the ice boss was big and the forest biome had these weird flying trilobites also

it seems you are a military personnel fighting them.

it may not be enough and some of it I'm not certain but if you can help me its bugging me and I believe this game was around some time early or late 2000s between 2000-2016

i cannot find any direct links and I'm just hoping someone knows the game I'm talking about

but please tell me the name if you'd be so kind even if its just a suggestion

2 Answers

  • 3 weeks ago

    not AvP and no mans sky isn't really a shooter and not savage planet either 

  • alien vs predator?

    Journey to the savage planet?

    i was going to also suggest No Man's sky  but it's not that though it's now a miles better game...might help if you say which platform..

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