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Is it rude why she wants to meet him first?

We were thinking of doing double dates, but now my friend wants to meet my BF first. Apparently she wants to see how my BF is and then determine whether he and her BF will be compatible to meet too. Does she think my BF is bad? My BF doesn't drink, smoke, etc. And why wouldn't she let me meet her BF first right?

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    End it with her. We wanted to be nice and she turned into a interview of your bf.

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    Based on what you've shared, it sounds like based on some things you have shared, she has concerns your boyfriend and hers may behave and have view points that do not correlate. So, she would like to feel him out herself before just springing the 4 of you together. It could also be that she, herself, has anxiety about how the 4 of you would all get along, so she would like to meet him first to lower her own anxiety.

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    Why would she do that? She is assessing him for a threesome or something?

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    Her boyfriend likely isn't crazy about double dating. And certainly not with strangers. Lots of people aren't. And if you haven't met him and she hasn't met your bf.... there is really no way to sell this as , "we'll have so much fun", when her rather simple request causes you to question her. What the heck would be wrong with her meeting your bf before the "date"? I don't see ANYTHING wrong with that request. 

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  • 2 months ago

    yeah seems like she is fishing for something...but what...idk?

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