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Which of the following kinds of voicemail greetings should I select for when I record my “I’m on vacation” greeting?

1. Standard

2. Closed

3. Alternate

4. Busy

5. Internal

6. Holiday

I am currently using #1, which the office hears if I’m away from my desk — my voice dictating my first & last name, followed by the robot, “Record your message after the tone.”

2 through 6 prompt me to record an actual greeting instead of just my first and last name.  But what’s the difference between them?  For example, if I select #2, will the robot say “The office is closed,” followed by the vacation greeting I recorded?

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    Depends on the phone system you are using.  Each one does this differently.

    Usually if you are going to be out of the office on vacation you would use the alternative greeting.  There is normally an option when you can tell it would day to start playing the alternative message and when to stop.  Normally you do have to record the entire greeting yourself as they have no guess what you want it to say.

    Usually the "closed" greeting can be scheduled to play during the hours the business is closed.  The "holiday" greeting is set to automatically play on any day the business has programmed into the phone system as a holiday.

    The internal greeting lets you play a different greeting if the call is from someone within your business, while it plays the standard greeting for any calls from outside your business.  If I am vacation, I might want to have it play an internal greeting telling my co-workers who contact by with questions, but i might want different contact information for someone calling from outside.  Internal I might say "call Jane with questions", but external I would want to say "choose the option for the billing department if you have a question."

    Some systems allow you to set up a calendar in them.  You can mark times when you will be unavailable (such as a standing meeting every Tuesday from 2:00 to 3:00, or every day from 1:00 to 1:30 when you are at lunch.  It may also have an option for you to click the message on it temporarily while you are tied up with something and do not want to be disturbed.  It will play an alternative message letting them know you are busy and will return then call as soon as possible.

    Each phone system is different.  The best way to see what each option does is to record a message for each and see what options, etc you have for each.

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    maybe you should read your manual, or ask your Tech Dept.

    not all phone systems are the same.

    Holiday would be my best guess.

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