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Any tips on how to review a book if I am to do it via video and will upload it on sites like Youtube?

Probably an amateur-level kind of book review

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  • Zac Z
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    1 month ago

    There are no rules.

    But there are plenty of YouTube channels that talk about and/or review books. Why don't you watch some of that and take notes what you like/dislike about these reviews, what you are missing, etc.

    Then, you can try to do the type of review that you would find helpful.

    If you're starting a channel you can also ask your viewers at the end of the videos to give you feedback, tell you what they liked/dislikes and/or what they'd like to see.

    Good luck!

    PS: I love books but can stand spoilers. I recently stumbled over the YT channel of an amateur reviewer called Merphy Napier:

    Our reading tastes overlap, even though they aren't exactly the same, and I've gotten a couple of interesting suggestions from there. One of the things I like most is that she doesn't spoil - or if she does because it's necessary for the topic she will say so in advance. I find this immensely helpful.

    But that's just me.

  • Speed
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    1 month ago

    Keep foremost in your thoughts that the whole point of a book review is to help people decide if they'd like the book.

    You want to give a brief overview of what it's about and its genre: "This gothic horror novel pits a naive young widow against the town's most powerful religious leader whose secret would destroy him if it became public--and could unleash forces that destroy the town in the process."

    Then you want to say what you liked and didn't like, as if you were telling a friend. "The way it was written made this a really fast read. I got so frustrated that the widow just meekly accepted whatever the minister did, and I practically clapped when she finally decided she wouldn't take it any more. I wish the big secret had been less predictable, though. I had it narrowed down to two or three guesses early on, and one of them was right."

    Don't give spoilers, of course. The length of the video review determines how much detail you use at each step. It's okay to write a script or use notes, and record yourself as you practice using both until you decide what works better and whether what you have is long enough or too long.

    Wrap it up with a summary that says clearly who will like this book and why.

    As far as your presentation, you want a background without clutter or distractions. You want to look your neutral best, even if your style is usually more edgy. If you're female and wear makeup, having on a bit more than usual often looks good on video.

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