1.0 litre cars?

1.0 litre car generally how much consume?

Weekly monthly

How many week after u can put the petrol?

Is good running also speed clutch and speed.

U can race with big car with 1.0 litres eco boost o u can go slow.

1 Answer

  • CB
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Focus 1.0L ecoboost 6spd manal - 40-46mpg consistently

    How much it consumes is base on how much it is driven. 

    Cost would be relative to the number of gallons used per week and cost of fuel

    AGAIN how many weeks to put in fuel based on how much driving - all of the above except MPG would be COMPLETELY useless information to you.

    It runs just fine but is not a rocket - it is not designed to "race" bigger cars you have to wind it up pretty tight before it starts to shine. A full tank of fuel shows 575 miles to empty so that will make you smile - it will also make you happy when most fill-up are between 8-11 gallons of fuel. 

    Source(s): 2018 Focus 1.0L owner
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