I'm working with MS Words 2016, my data in a 2 column table are not aligned horizontally?

As per titled, I'm creating a table with 2 columns for data and value. Towards the end of my table, I realized that my data and value are not aligned properly horizontally, but only for a few lines. I've checked line spacing, and seems to be in order. Need assistance in resolving this matter, thank you

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  • 3 weeks ago
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    That doesn't look like a table to me.  It looks like just a two column layout, with single-line paragraphs.  I can't see where the cursor is, but if it's in an actual Word table, you'll see "Table Tools" tabs in the ribbon.

    There are a few different things that will change line spacing.  Two that come to mind right away are font changes and style changes.  Either or both of those may be at fault here.  It looks to me as if the left column paragraphs are bulleted and the right are not.  That's a style change, and the bullet character may be from a different font than your text.

    The easiest way I can think of to get both columns to line up, and stay lined up is to open the Paragraph dialog using the small arrow button in the bottom right of the "Paragraph" section of the Home ribbon.  IIn that dialog box, under "Spacing" are the controls you want.  You probably have "Line spacing" set to "Double" or values in the "Before" and/or "After" boxes to get that double-spaced look.

    Highlight the whole left column before you open that dialog.  Then set "Line spacing" to "Exactly" and note what is in the Before, After and At boxes.  Make sure none of the lines got clipped.  You may have to increase the "At" value by a couple of points to leave room for all fonts in use.  When the left column looks just like you want it, then highlight the right and give it the same values for Before, After, Line spacing and At.

    I will often take the extra step to the "Before" and "After" values to zero and let the At box value determine all line spacing.  This will make lines that wrap around have the same spacing as lines that don't. 

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