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White jeans cleaning advice please?

My husband got his new white jeans I bought him muddy! Ugh! How do I get the stains out & make the jeans bright white again?

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  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    Let the mud dry. If you have access to an air compressor use the blow gun to try & loosen as much dirt as you can. Soak overnight with mixture of Oxy, dish soap, & baking soda. Wash alone in washing machine with more Oxy. Do not dry until stains are out. Don't give up it might take multiple washes to get them clean. Stay away from bleach, it will yellow the jeans.

    Also btw, those jeans look hot in your husband. Even muddy. Lol

    Good luck!

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    Wait for the mud to dry completely before cleaning. Dried mud is easier to clean away. When dry start by going outside and vigorously shaking the jeans, smacking them against a clean hard surface (the side of a house or apartment works) to loosen the mud. Do this until the big crusty mud spots are gone. Next step is to use a vacuum to vacuum the fine dirt particles. Step three is to make a paste of liquid detergent and oxy clean. Pour directly onto the dirtiest spots and work it into the fabric. Let the paste really soak in well. If you still see dirt spots after 30 minutes use a soft toothbrush  to gently scrub out any remaining mud spots and pre soak the jeans in cold water for another half hour. After presoaking rinse out any remaining paste in warm water and  machine wash in warm water with liquid detergent and  oxy-clean. If you don't rinse the paste out you could have an oversudsing problem and while a washer spewing foam is funny in movies it isn't funny in real life. I don't normally rave about laundry products but Oxy-clean is worth raving about. It is the best laundry day helper ever -it can be used direct as a paste on stains, as a presoak, and in the washer.  Do not use Clorox or chlorine bleaches because it will turn white denim yellow. The white jeans should be clean after this. If there are any remaining mud spots tell your hubby they are now marks of shame to remind him that next time he should wear. OLD jeans to play in the mud, not new ones.

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    You bought them muddy ??????????????

  • geezer
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    3 weeks ago

    Even though they are white .. do NOT use Bleach  .. it will turn them yellow.

    Wash them, by hand, in just warm water, using a soft brush to get the worst of the stains out

    and then stir a cup of Baking Soda into another 4 litres of warm water and soak them for about 8 hours

    and then put them on a warm wash with a liquid detergent that has a 'white brightening agent' in it, if you can find one (if not, then any liguid detergent that doesn't have a fabric softner in it)

    and you can rub the detergent directly into any stains that are still there before you put them into the machine.

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