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Passing a drug test for weed?

ok i already know what some people are gonna say "don't smoke weed". Whatever, you try having multiple laminectomys and discoctomys and go through over 20 different pills that don't help then tell me that.

So here's my situation, im at a job that does random urine testing, im not going to specify the job, but i will say about 40% of the people in my "group" get tested monthly. I just want to smoke weed, just occasionally so I can get a good night's sleep maybe once a month, thats all I want. But idk how to do this and not risk all the benefits ill be getting in the next year due to my surgerys, but even when I move on to my next job, the job I have lined up also does random urine testing. Im not sure how possible it is to use a synthetic urine or detoxing methods since where i work will wait till everyone gets to work to tell them they are being drug tested. There is no pattern to it either. Does anyone know of a disolvable substance that could remove the thc and cannabinoids out of the urine? CBD and THC are both tested for. I really just want the pain to stop and its really effecting my mental health as well. 



I haven't smoked. I used to smoke and know how much it helps me, years ago, but literally its all I can think about well I'm in pain.

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    Nothing that's full proof. If you really want to keep that job then you're gonna have to quit. Have you tried CBD flower?

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    Meditation is the most powerful and restorative method of healing and focus known to man.

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