When making beaded jewelry to sell, what metal holds up best without tarnishing? For charms,wire,findings etc ?


So I haven’t sold my jewelry in a while, i put everything on hold for a while and Im trying to pick everything back up to make Some extra income. a lot of my earrings and necklaces i made a couple years ago have changed colors and need swapped out such as clasps, wires,pendants etc. i usually buy my supplies from a jewelry expo and the findings aren’t labeled so I need to be more careful and know what im buying.  I know the obvious of course-925 Sterling silver and gold. (Which i will definitely use down the road when i have the money, but it’s too pricey to do everything in that unfortunately) so... i would like to know what other metals are good and will hold up over time. I use very nice semi precious gemstones i have put a lot of money into over the years so i would like my jewelry to hold up over time as the beads do. I Would appreciate any advice and also if you know of places to order good quality supplies at good prices that would be helpful as well. Thanks so much!

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