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what is star trek about?

all I know is that it's a massive series of videos so I wonder if there's a summary, review or analysis somewhere?

what is this in the core

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    Human beings finally make their way into the stars, with different Captains as the years have flown bye.  They try to keep the peace and do no harm as they venture forth into other galaxies, etc.  Part of the adventure is to get to know the different beings on the Star Ship Enterprise. It is a never ending journey, and best started with Captain Kirk and onto Picard, etc.  The empath in the series with Captain Picard is my favorite character.  Sooner or later you will find a favorite also.  "Engage!"   

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    Space Adventure with a touch of the old west shot'em up thrown in for good measure and entertainment value and just happens to be one of my favorites and I do mean the entire franchise series with Enterprise thrown in to boot...

    I also Like Firefly...

    of course part of the entertainment value is separating the REAL SCIENCE from the fictional science...

    Beam Me Up Scotty... 


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    Nerds in space.

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    Star trek TV show used themes from various SF authors like Harlan Ellison. Explored concepts like beings of total thought, time travel and possibly erasing own existence,  that of Man's future evolving into fully tolerant, non-violent beings. Possibility of  humans  replaced by androids, the accidental interference with a planet's natural social evolution and its consequences,   galactic  wars, 

    and others.  All to the common background of a very fast star ship, untold other beings in galaxy, and common characters. 

    The movies varied ,  a few  extended  the TV show,  tied loose  ends like Khan,  characters' development at Star Fleet,, and encountering omniscient beings and man's destruction of himself by hunting a species to extinction. TNG  continued the TV series ' free choice to also  include use/misuse of a 3D Holodeck and sentient android officer with a "Pinocchio" syndrome of wanting to be human although t advised against it By humans.

    The other shows I do not like, what they say is unimportant, I do not hear their words.. 

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    God knows! So you better ask him!

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    It's a series of serieses (and movies) about space exploration in the distant future.  At it's best, it's been groundbreaking in using sci fi topics to look at and examine issues in the culture at large.  But it hasn't really been at it's best since the first two series'.

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    Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its five-year mission: to explore strange new worlds. To seek out new life and new civilizations. To boldly go where no man has gone before!

    That is the opening to the Original Star Trek Series

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    It's about the Trek family and focuses on their daughter, Star, who is a 12-year-old pumpkin carving prodigy who is about to go to the galactic quarter finals.

    You can find recaps of every episode online.

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    An imaginative and thought provoking tale of too men, one - the capitan of a spaceship, the other - the new trainee of the group, who fell in love with each other under the craziest of the circumstances. They go through their mission and have to face their own feelings and the problems associated with their boss-employee situation. All the while trying to keep a low profile because being gay in space is illegal!

    This Summer...

    Star Trek

    *inception trailer sounds*

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    About space war I think.......

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