In Chinese and some other Asian cultures, the number 4 is unlucky because it sounds similar to the word for "death"..then why..?

don't they just CHANGE it?! Lol! .... My birthday in particular is 3/27/84. Does that make me UNLUCKY??!! I wasn't born in China or Japan or any other East Asian country though. I was born in the Philippines thankfully. but seriously, that is SO MEAN! I cannot control when I was born and conceived first of all! ....Also, I have number "3" in my birthdate, same with "2" and "7" and I definately heard "8" is a lucky number too! So I hope that offsets whatever "badluck" I have in my life! ...I find it VERY ridiculous if you asked me! ...What if there was a person born 4-04-44?!! April 4th, 1944?!! Come on Chinese people (Asian people), you're so silly! Not to mention a little mean! 


I'm  not being racist in anyway whatsoever by the way, I'm just sharing a bit of my frustrations thank you! ...And interestingly enough, I don't LOOK Filipino! 

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