car doesn't start normally?

I have a 64 Tbird with 390 engine, if the car sits more than 2 days idle I have to use carburator cleaner to start it, the gas bowl is empty and cranking the engine watching the bowl gas squirts but not enough to fill the bowl. It looks like it doesn't crank fast enough to fill the bowl. If I start the car later on or next day it starts normal. Changed out the fuel pump, it did not improve anything. Where is the gas draining to there are no leaks. 

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  • 1 month ago

    The Ford 2-brl carb has its power valve located on the bottom of the float bowl, these valves are operated by vacuum, so if the diaphragm is blown/rotted the fuel will leak directly into the intake manifold.

  • 1 month ago

    The carburetor is vented and given a long enough time the fuel in the bowl will evaporate. You don't say if it has a ford 2 barrel, 4 barrel or aftermarket. I have never seen a stock ford carburetor developing a cracked bowl. But some after market carbs do have fuel bowls that will crack or ones that develop leaks.  The accelerator pump is pretty low and these do develop leaks. So my guess is replace the accelerator pump diaphragm.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    You have a leak in the carburetor into the engine. "Gas bowl is empty" so really stare at that for the dirty areas(wetness holds onto dust ) Carb may need an inspection & rebuild. (or just buy another carb from the junk a 390 engine.  Might be cheaper and simpler thing to do...and do a simple swap over.  It is a FORD(Fix or Repair Daily) is normal operation for it.

    Udderwise take off the carburetor and fill the float bowl with carb cleaner or whatever you are using and close it back up tight and put on the floor in the upright position on several sheets of newspaper. Let it stand there for 2 days and then lift carb off the newspaper.  If the bowl is MT then it is soaked into the newspaper.  You might want this sitting outside on dirt in the shade because a leak is going to stink up the garage.  Gasoline would make the garage a BOMB.& blow the house away.(like in the movies)  Every carb is different but they all have drilled holes and then brass plugs that is to stop that hole from leaking.  Maybe you got a "gas hole".  Either it goes to a professional carb rebuilder or you get another carb. from junk yard. Wild guess which is cheaper?

  • Fred G
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    1 month ago

    Your description points directly at the fuel filter, line, pump, float level, clogged needle valve for first test..

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