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Why do we have H1B and H2B visas?

With all the people in the US looking for work. There is no reason an American can't do the job. These visas have higher salary requirements so it's not like employers are using them to save money.

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  • Willie
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    4 weeks ago

    For the record we should have none of them.

  • Foofa
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    4 weeks ago

    Employers are lowballing high skilled foreign workers (to the point where they can barely afford to live in places like Silicon Valley). But American students aren't drawn to STEM fields in the numbers the nation needs. There is most certainly a lot of fraud in the H1B program. However, until it's as "sexy" to major in Computer Science as it is to major in Ethnic Studies the US will continue to have to import some of its high tech labor force. 

  • 4 weeks ago

    Those 2 visa categories are for very different types of workers, so I'll address each separately.

    H-2B visas are for nonagricultural low- or semi-skilled, temporary workers. The most common users of these visas are landscapers, and resorts. They often struggle to get American workers, because of the seasonality of the jobs, and especially, because of the housing costs and the demographics in the areas they operate. Here's an example. One user of H-2B visas that I know about is a ski resort in Vermont. They are unable to attract American workers to come there for the winter season, and the local population hasn't really turned out for those jobs. Many either have year-round work, or are retired. Note that these jobs must be advertised before being certified for H-2B visas, and Americans must be preferentially hired. There is an annual cap on the number of these visas.

    H-1B visas are mostly used for high-tech workers in year-round positions. These are higher-skilled, higher-paid positions. One of the arguments is that these visas allow a computer company to bring software engineers from India to the US, instead of moving the company (or a division of it) to India, thus keeping at least some of the jobs here. I know less about H-1B than I do about H-2B, but I do understand that there has been some inappropriate use of this visa class - i.e. replacing American workers. That is certainly something that should be addressed. 

    I will say that often the argument is made that "if we have Americans out of work, we shouldn't be granting work visas". This is oversimplfying the issue and not really practical. You can't just take someone unemployed from one area and expect that they will fill a vacant position in another industry and location. A laid-off accountant with a family, is probably unlikely to go to vermont for 4 months to work at a ski area. 

  • 4 weeks ago

    Generally because qualified and able Americans cannot be easily found to do those jobs that qualify for these visas. 

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  • 4 weeks ago

    I used to work for a huge multi-national American corporation. The Vice President over IT one day started replacing the US citizen software engineers with Indians. Note he was > replacing < existing employees with non-citizens. It was NOT a matter of being unable to find qualified Americans, and nearly all of the US citizens in the IT department were replaced. The VP was doing that because the company could hire two or even three Indians for the cost of one American. The VP also gave himself a huge bonus for "saving the company money".

    Note using the H1B visa program "to save the company money" is ILLEGAL.

    The Indians all miraculously had PhDs from Indian universities in IT fields plus at least 10 years of professional experience - despite most of them being in their 20s. In reality, they had the equivalent of - at most - an Associate's degree in computer science from a community college.

    Problems occurred immediately, and the company's IT systems began to fail. That included functions like payroll. The company's response was to hire more & more Indians. After all, the VP's idea just couldn't be a bad idea, could it? By the time I left, the company had hired several Indians to do the job of each American they replaced AND had to hire a team of qualified Americans to continuously undo all the damage the Indians were doing.

  • 1 month ago

    Actually, these visas have been used to suppress wages/salaries. A glut of anything on the market cuts the price. There is no need for these people, especially now, but there was no genuine need for practically anyone even prior to the layoffs due to covid. Time to revoke all existing visas, and suspend issuance of new visas. 

  • 1 month ago

    So that the Americans can get jobs.  There is a reason an American can't be hired, which is that many employees can't hire only Americans without also hiring a few foreigners, and there aren't enough visas for the foreigners that the employers need so that they can hire Americans.  The H1B visas allow employers to stay in the U.S. and hire some foreigners and many Americans.  Without H1B visas, many employees would have move to other countries where they can hire the foreigners that they need, and then they would hire no Americans, and more Americans would be out of work.

  • 1 month ago

    You are wrong about that.

    H1B Visas are usually used to bring in workers with technical expertise from foreign lands who will work cheaper than an American.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    We import our athletes, doctors and scientists from other countries, because we don’t have any.

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