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If I lose weight will it also reduce my breast size?

I need to lose about 17kg to be at a healthy weight. Last year I had lost 10kg and it did not affect my breast size but I put the weight back on. I'm 83kg now and if I lose 17kg will my breast size reduce. It didn't last time but I wasn't dieting or anything. I lost it within 9 months because I moved city and started university and I had a different lifestyle as I was always travelling and now uni is online due to the pandemic.

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    Yes, at least a little.  Like other parts of your body, you stored excess fat in your breasts.  If you lose 17Kg or 38 pounds, it is very likely that you will lose some fat from your breasts.  It may not be a whole cup or band size, but it could be.

  • Yeh, but don't worry about it. A lot of women have boobs that are too big. It looks ridiculous.

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    quite possible ................................

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