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How would you feel if your realtor walked in on you?

He came over to my home unannounced and used his key to get in.  I was in the bathroom taking a shower and step out and see the door cracked and through the mirror I could see him.  I screamed a blood curdling scream and ended up slipping on the floor and breaking my tailbone.  I am very upset about him entering my home unannounced and considering battery charges.

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    I would be very upset if my realtor entered my home unannounced while I was in the bathroom taking a shower. The realtor should not have used his key and entered your home unannounced. He should have knocked on the door and announced that he would like to enter the home and waited for a response from you. Fire him from being your realtor and sue him for medical costs from breaking your tailbone.

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    Haha, stupid troll.

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    Sounds like you need a claim form.  

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    As bad as this is, I'm not sure battery charges are in order.  I'd definitely sue him for my medical costs and lost wages too, call his broker and the realtor association and report him, and of course, fire him while you are at it.

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