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My cat ran off with a collar and leash on. He got scared when I moved a box. I had the leash tied to a rope and the leash broke of the rope.?

We live on an acre, corner lot in a small community in a big house with A LOT of bushes and tree's and very few fences. In the last month Jackson has been stopping at nothing to get out of the house. As soon as I or my mother let the dog out he makes a bee line for the door and runs out. That's why I was just starting him to get used to a collar leash. He is strictly an indoor car and loved sitting in the windows....I put his kitty litter, food, toys, clothes of mine and kitty perch in the back yard. Our house has a walk out from the basement off the back and that's where Jackson and I stay. When I saw the rope move real fast along the side of the house then around the back of the house I ran and saw the end of he cord and no cat. By the time I got there, he was nowhere insight. I was thinking (and looking) in the bushes and porches behind me and across the side street  and nothing. I go about 10 PM and have heard nothing. All the fliers and posting I did have created not one call. today is day 3 that he went missing. I'm beyond frantic!!

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    What's your question?

  • Kieth
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    Run the can opener.

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