Should I contact a recruiter for a job I'm interested in? ?

A recruiter reached out to me on LinkedIn saying that I'd be the perfect candidate for a software engineer role in a company he is working with. I told him I had a job but I'm open new opportunities, so he rang me the next day and it checked all my boxes and I was delighted. He sent me the job description and asked me to send him my CV on Wednesday 16th September. Which I did and I've heard nothing since, he told me they were hoping to hold interviews Thursday and Friday but said I'll probably need notice with my current job. Last Monday I sent him a list of days I was available for interviews as I had to take holidays, it's this week and next week. Should I reach out tomorrow or wait it out? I also found the job on indeed, should I apply there or wait? There are over 500 applicants so I'm worried they'll find someone they're happy with or maybe already have before I get a chance. 

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    It really is up to you. You are correct in that it is very likely that the recruiter and or hiring manager may have selected a small group of candidates from all those that applied, and you aren't in that group.  

    Since you are already employed and were not looking for a job in the first place, I don't know why you'd suddenly want to be aggressive about this opportunity.  I'd wait it out, but you can feel free to contact the recruiter -- but try to do it by phone rather than email.  

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    You should contact the recruiter.

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