I don't understand what it is asking and how to figure it out?

First, gently swing your arm in a vertical circle, pivoting at the shoulder (point your arm straight down, then bring it up over your head without bending the elbow, and then back down again. Like a fast-pitch softball pitch) and keeping the rest of the arm straight and unbent. Observe the motion of your arm, paying particular attention to the motion of the elbow and the motion of the hand.

Using a stopwatch (and an assistant?), time how long it takes for you to rotate your arm five consecutive times without stopping. Again, this should be a gentle motion. You should not risk pulling or straining a muscle in your shoulder!

1. Record the following information below. Be sure to clearly notate which number is which parameter. A.) time of five rotations B.) time of one rotation C.) distance from the shoulder to the elbow D.) distance from the shoulder to the middle of the hand.

Use this information to answer the following questions about the arm rotation. Be sure to show any work and/or calculations and identify the information that you recorded above using similar notation or short labels. You may find it helpful to use the equation editor in Google docs or Microsoft Office to illustrate your mathematics.

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